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Danish’s Office Rejects Involvement in Release of Faryadi

The office of Mohammad Sarwar Danish, the second vice president of Afghanistan, on Thursday rejected reports that former Hizb-e-Islami warlord Zardad Faryadi was released from detention on the basis of a letter of guarantee by Danish.  Danish’s office said in a press release that Faryadi was not detained following his …

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Nangarhar Man Divorces Wife, Beheads Their Baby Boy

A Jalalabad man on Tuesday killed his seven-month-old son after divorcing his wife, Nangarhar officials said on Wednesday. Nangarhar police said the man has been arrested and is being held in custody. According to police the suspect has confessed to the crime. “When his wife was on her way to …

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1,000 Afghans Who Worked With British Forces Resettled In UK

The British defense minister said this week that nearly 1,000 Afghans who worked with British forces have been resettled in the UK. Defense Minister Mike Penning said Britain owed them “a debt of gratitude” for their service during the war, British media reported. He said: “The UK remains committed to …

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Iran Increasingly Sees IS as Threat to Islamic Republic

In an unusual display of public candor, Iranian authorities have said in recent speeches that Islamic State infiltrators are becoming a growing threat to the Islamic Republic. At least three times in recent months, Iranian officials have spoken about breaking up IS-related terror cells and arresting IS-affiliated militants planning attacks …

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Trump Picks Former Texas Governor Perry for Energy Chief Position

Former Texas Gov. Rick Perry smiles as he leaves Trump Tower, Dec. 12, 2016, in New York.

U.S. President-elect Donald Trump has decided to name a one-time political foe, former Texas Governor Rick Perry, to head the country’s Department of Energy, a sprawling agency Perry once said should be abolished as wasteful. Perry, a two-time Republican presidential candidate, called Trump a “cancer to conservatism” in the early …

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UNAMA Commends Human Rights Defenders

UNAMA Commends Human Rights DefendersAt a UNAMA-sponsored event this week in Kabul, leading human rights defenders described how Afghanistan’s armed conflict had made their work more challenging, but all the more essential. By defending the rights of others, the activists affirm that the loss of anyone’s rights diminishes the humanity …

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Kabul Gets Its First Motocross Track

Kabul got its first official Motocross track on Tuesday with an immediate membership of at least 50 enthusiasts. Motocross riders from Kabul and Herat displayed their talent at the track initiated by Afghanistan Motorcycling Federation and the National Olympics Committee. “We hope that we move forward with the help of …

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USAID helped AFG farmers to learn a new method

USAID helped AFG farmers to learn a new method of melon cultivation that ensures melons mature early & are saved from melon fly infestation

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NATO Chief Suggests Trump Will Continue Afghan Partnership

  He said Afghanistan was still a priority for the alliance. “As I said we will have a summit next year here in Brussels and I am looking forward to meet the new president (elect) Donald Trump here to discuss a wide range of issues. I guess we will have …

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Was Afghan Migrant Behind A Second Murder?

Police are reportedly investigating whether an Afghan migrant who confessed to the rape and murder of the daughter of a high-ranking EU official in Freiburg, in Germany, also killed another woman, the U.K’s Express reported. The body of 27-year-old Carolin Gruber was found in woodland north of the city on …

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