Friday , October 20 2017
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Helmand Residents In Fear Over Taliban Presence

Local officials in Helmand say Taliban has taken the control of Lashkargah city’s PD4 district and have infiltrated parts of the PD3 of the city as well. Reports from Helmand indicate that security forces and the Taliban are confronting each other from a distance of 200 meters in PD3 of …

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Security Forces Evacuated From Center of Helmand’s Sangin

Air strikes destroyed facilities belonging to security forces on Wednesday night after troops cleared out all equipment and weapons. The security forces have been evacuated from the center of Sangin in Helmand and have been moved to a military base about 3km away following heavy clashes with insurgents, a high-ranking …

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Hassan Abbas Pur, one of the first employees of DW, said Dari and Pashto programs started in 1970 as a pilot phase and later became regular programs.

The media’s duty is to provide accurate, real and impartial information. Considering this, the Deutsche Welle (DW) Dari and Pashto programs have been broadcast since 1970, while respecting the deep cultural and political ties between the two countries – Afghanistan and Germany. “I think it was 1978 or 1979 that …

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Afghanistan, Pakistan Agree On Joint Anti-Terror Mechanism

At the meeting, Mark Lyall Grant asked both countries to ease tensions and work together to defeat the common challenges of security and terrorism. Afghan and Pakistani officials at a meeting in London on Thursday agreed to form a joint mechanism to fight the common threat of terrorism, media reports …

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Iran Increasingly Sees IS as Threat to Islamic Republic

In an unusual display of public candor, Iranian authorities have said in recent speeches that Islamic State infiltrators are becoming a growing threat to the Islamic Republic. At least three times in recent months, Iranian officials have spoken about breaking up IS-related terror cells and arresting IS-affiliated militants planning attacks …

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Trump Picks Former Texas Governor Perry for Energy Chief Position

Former Texas Gov. Rick Perry smiles as he leaves Trump Tower, Dec. 12, 2016, in New York.

U.S. President-elect Donald Trump has decided to name a one-time political foe, former Texas Governor Rick Perry, to head the country’s Department of Energy, a sprawling agency Perry once said should be abolished as wasteful. Perry, a two-time Republican presidential candidate, called Trump a “cancer to conservatism” in the early …

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An excerpt from President Ghani’s remarks at the heart of Asia 6th Ministerial Conference on Afghanistan

“There is need for a fund to combat extremism. Pakistan has generously pledged 500 million dollars for reconstruction of Afghanistan. This fund, Mr. Aziz (referring to PM Nawaz Sharif’s advisor on foreign affairs), could very well be used for containing extremism because without peace any amount of assistance will not …

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Prominent ISIS leader killed in North of Afghanistan

A prominent leader of the loyalists of Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) terrorist group was killed during a clash with the security forces in northern Jawzjan province of Afghanistan.

A prominent leader of the loyalists of Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) terrorist group was killed during a clash with the security forces in northern Jawzjan province of Afghanistan. According to the local officials, the senior ISIS leader, identified as Mohammad Nasir, was killed after launching an attack …

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Afghanistan National Anthem

The Afghan National Anthem (Pashto: ملی سرود‎ – Milli Surood; Persian: سرود ملی‎‎ – “Surūd-e Millī”) was adopted and officially announced by a Loya Jirga in May 2006. According to article 20 of the Afghan Constitution, the national anthem shall be in Pashto with the mention of “God is Greatest” …

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Ghani’s Remark Against TV Channels Sparks Strong Reaction

  “I strongly appreciate the efforts made by the nation’s security forces,” he said while addressing the troops. “As supreme commander of the armed forces, I want to thank all of you (troops). If someone truly believes in justice. Put televisions to one side. They (TVs) blow hot air while …

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